Brand Vision

Memex Inc. is an award winning and recognized thought leader in the connection, monitoring and management of machines, sensors and processes in manufacturing.

Memex’s customers range from world-class manufacturers to small shops in a wide range of industries and verticals.  MERLIN is Memex’s software platform, which has been adopted by major machine tool builders such as Mazak, Okuma and many more.

Microsoft adopted MERLIN as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) of choice because of its ease of installation, ease of use, as well as a comprehensive set of features. MERLIN is designed to easily communicate to virtually any machine, in any industry.

Memex software, hardware and proven methodologies, provide both the common platform for connecting devices as well as the real-time decision support software to improve utilization.  Memex’s solutions help identify plant problems by providing real-time dashboards of plant operations and the capture of historical data.  Both are critically important in the traceability and analysis process in order to uncover factory inefficiencies.

Lord Kelvin’s timeless advice of, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it,” is built into our DNA.  Only 2% to 3% of all manufacturing plants are being monitored today.  The average initial equipment utilization is 32%.  It is not unusual for a Memex solution to increase equipment utilization 20% to 50% with an ROI time period of three to six months.  Many times, the financial results of a Memex enabled plant is the discovery of new “hidden capacity” when inefficiencies are found and addressed.  Shops and plants quickly learn that the old knee jerk reaction of adding more shifts or buying more hardware when orders increase, without truly understanding what was happening in the plant, is the wrong approach.

Memex uniquely addresses the technical challenges of M2M by connecting a wide range of devices by defining a Universal Device Architecture (UDA).  Memex has also been an early supporter of MTConnect, which is an open and royalty-free standard protocol that is, for the first time, enabling plug-n-play on the factory floor.

MTConnect essentially transforms every piece of manufacturing equipment, device or sensor into a node on a network.  This makes accessing machine/sensor data, from any type of application, extremely easy.  The fastest growing Internet storage segment is widely predicted to be data from machines, devices and sensors.

The Memex approach can be applied to a variety of industries and is not limited to only manufacturing.  There are numerous examples of industries, outside of manufacturing, which simply do not know what is happening with their machinery, sensors and devices.

At Memex, we have a proven track record of helping a wide range of manufacturers improve productivity through real-time data, and we firmly believe our methodology and set of solutions are widely applicable in many other industries.