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We DO NOT have PCMCIA cards – they are hard to get.

  • SKU-2500 – 2 Megabyte PCMCIA Card

MEMEX offers Fanuc compatible PCMCIA SRAM backup cards for Fanuc 16/18 Versions B & C, Fanuc Robots, Fanuc 15B and Fanuc i Series Controls.

The SRAM cards offer high-performance non-volatile memory storage solutions for code transfer and data backup storage applications. With the right driver, the SRAM cards appear as a “Removable Drive” when plugged into a computer – simply “drag and drop” files once configured.

These SRAM cards are based on advanced CMOS technology that draws very low power and has reliable data retention characteristics.

Our SRAM cards contain a rechargeable lithium battery and recharge circuitry, thus eliminating the need for replacement batteries found in many SRAM cards. Typical data retention time, without recharging, is 1 year for a 2MB card. The minimum battery life is 10 years. All our SRAM cards are built in welded stainless steel housings to ensure card integrity and data retention.



Features & Specifications

Features Include:

  • Windows 98 to XP PCMCIA Static RAM Memory Cards that work in Fanuc MEM Card ports.
  • High performance SRAM memory card: 150ns access time.
  • Capacities: 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 Megabytes.
  • Operating temperature: Commercial Range of 0° to +70°C.
  • Low power CMOS technology provides very low power and reliable data retention characteristics.
  • Standby current < 100µA typical – operating current: 190mA maximum for x16 operation at 150ns.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with recharge circuitry:
    • Eliminates the need to replace the battery.
    • Standby current during recharge typically < 2mA.
    • Battery backup time: 1 year typical based on 2MB (lower densities = longer storage times).
    • Unlimited write cycles, no endurance issues.

The following PCMCIA Cards are available on the following controls:

  • SKU-2490 – 1 Megabyte PCMCIA Card (currently not available)
  • SKU-2500 – 2 Megabyte PCMCIA Card
  • SKU-2510 – 4 Megabyte PCMCIA Card (currently not available)
  • SKU-2520 – 6 Megabyte PCMCIA Card (currently not available)
  • SKU-2530 – 8 Megabyte PCMCIA Card (currently not available)

Controls: Fanuc 15 Version B Control, Fanuc 16 Versions B & C Control, Fanuc 15, 16, 18, 20, 21 i Series Control, Fanuc 18 versions B & C, Fanuc Robots.

Usage Guidelines and Technical Information:

If you want to back up a Fanuc control, get one size bigger than the memory you have. For example:

  • Iif you have  2 Megabytes (5120 Meters of tape) of Fanuc 16 memory, you would need a 4 Megabyte SRAM card to back it up. Note that Fanuc formats only to 4 meg, although it reads the larger cards.
  • If you are installing  Fanuc 16-MB FROM Board, you will need our 6 or 8 meg SRAM cards as you need to backup the System Firmware + 2 Meg of SRAM

Fanuc Master Trick

If you have a Fanuc (e.g. a RoboDrill) that cannot erase its memory normally (Power On Holding RESET + DELETE or “O” + DELETE), you can use this blank 512k file named SRAM2_5D.FDB (from a Fanuc 16, 2 meg dump) and copy it over and over to the SRAM Card with the appropriate names to make the CNC notice the files in the directory. Once reloaded, the sequential blank files will have effectively cleared the memory.

Laptop PCMCIA SRAM Format Note

Although the PCMCIA SRAM cards we ship are already formatted, if you need to format the SRAM cards on your laptop use the following DOS format procedure:

  • Insert the SRAM card in a Type II PCMCIA card slot.
  • In Explorer see if the card mounts – if not you may need to format the card.
  • Hit START and RUN and type in CMD to get the MS-DOS Command prompt.
  • If you know the drive letter it should be, then type it.
  • At the command prompt, type “format d: /fs:fat” The System label can be anything – Fanuc uses “FANUC LTD”
  • You should be able to go to D: drive and copy files.

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